OBSERVATION Different types of skincare products

Become a Redditorand join one of thousands of communities. Why is it that some people only get skincare products after wet dreams? Why is it that with some people injecting their own semen cured them? I believe, If you get skincare products only after wet dreams (like myself), it is definitely related to the sleeping stage that you in, especially nonREM since that is where, to my knowledge, people experience wet dreams. I believe it has something to do with the brain. I gonna have to study all of these sleep stages and find out what exactly happens to our bodies during each of them.

As for those who react to their own semen, then it clearly has something to do with the immune system. What do you think is causing your symptoms? If we really wanna get rid of skincare products then I think it time for all of us to study a little bit of human anatomy and physiology to understand how our bodies work. That way we have a better possibility to individually examine ourselves, to be our own doctors. You can never make a doctor feel what you are feeling, it all subjective. I went to a sleep study and had to stay over night hooked up to all these wires to see if any thing with my sleep was causing this. And of course a few days later they call and tell me everything checks out to be normal. BUT! they tell me like 6 or 7 supplements I could take to help alleviate the symptoms. . Anyways I looked everything up like on amazon and its around $300 which is bullshit. so i kept looking around and found this website called skincare products REMEDY. I sorta saw some forums being skeptical about it and decided not to order it but I just went ahead and bout it to see. because every herbal ingredient the doctor told me to buy was in those pills. Long story short it actually works!! Like I still feel kinda blahhh after but nothing like before I just feel sorta tired for a day.

I been on a onemonth nofap hardmode streak since June and everything was perfectly fine, until this one damn wet dream on 30th which gave me severe skincare products symptoms for the following 3 days; severe muscle and joint pain, extreme fatigue, blocked nose, burning eyes and the mother of all extreme brain fog. On the 4th day however something rather magical and sacred happened; after a night of well comfy and long sleep, I hit the shower and had the sudden urge to MO. Immediately afterwards I felt 90% of the symptoms were lifted up, and I was left with a mild tiredness that went away with a nap afterwards.

Honestly this is the first time masturbation actually helped to lift skincare products and not causing it. I like to picture it as if the wet dream was an incomplete O, leaving chemical imbalances which were later fixed through the voluntary MO in the shower. I am still not sure though. I only witnessed such phenomena only once or twice before, and the only supplements I taken were Vitamin D and only a cup of green tea with honey in the morning.