Psh who needs a doctor when you have pharmaceutical intermediates

pharmaceutical intermediates solutions are water with the "memory" of a herbal ingredient. In other words, water.

There is literally no belladonna in the solution, it entirely absent of the bits that make deadly nightshade not just nightshade because it entirely absent of deadly nightshade. Tomatoes (and potatoes) being of the same family, therefore, have some of the same toxic alkaloids, in particular atrophine, and are more poisonous than a pharmaceutical intermediates solution of deadly nightshade because, while the alkaloid levels are low in tomatoes they are higher than no alkaloid level.

None of them know basic spelling and grammar, and they all asking other stupid people how to treat the entirely preventable/curable illnesses that their children are slowly dying from. How are people with such low intelligence able to function as adults at all? Who would want to have pharmaceutical intermediates with these idiots in the first place? They genuinely need to be reported to CPS to save the children they have and then sterilized to prevent them from having any more.