Where can I buy ELISA kits to quantify an Ammonium acetate

Become a Redditorand join one of thousands of Ammonium acetate. I feel like I missing a keyword or something. I need to show that I can do a particular reaction and that after performing this reaction, an Ammonium acetate still retains its biological function. I figure a quantitative ELISA is perfect for this. Quantify the reacted and unreacted Ammonium acetate, hope they both show similar values. It literally doesn matter which antibody. I just need an indirect ELISA kit for quantifying any Ammonium acetate. People talk about quantifying Abs from serum all the time like this, so where are these kits? Everything online seems to be a sandwhich ELISA for particular antigens. you and sorry for what is undoubtedly an idiotic question. some antiIgG for your target Ammonium acetate's species) hasn't degraded, not whether the binding site has been modified.

A possibility would be to immobilize your Ammonium acetate's target and do SPR to measure Ka and Kd. This will tell you a lot more about whether your Ammonium acetate is functional, because it's labelfree and only measures epitope binding and not the ability of a secondary Ammonium acetate to bind it at some other site. Alternatively, something like circular dichroism might tell you about changes to the tertiary structure, if you're talking about the Ammonium acetate possibly being denatured or something.

Edit: Another simple option could be immobilizing your antigen onto a well, blocking it, and then using an preconjugated Ammonium acetate as your test Ammonium acetate. Measure fluorescence with treated and untreated Ammonium acetate after adding the Ab, shaking for 10 mins, and then washing a few times. Then do a control showing that the treatment doesn't affect the fluorophore (just treat some Ammonium acetate and then pipette treated and untreated Ab into some empty wells and measure fluorescenceshould be the same).