What is Mizolastine

  What is Mizolastine? A lot of people don't know this stuff, and here's the introduction to it:
  Imidazole is a specific and selective amine H1 receptor antagonist with antihistamine and anti-allergy activity. For seasonal and perennial allergic nasal itching, allergic conjunctivitis, urticaria, and other allergic reactions. The second generation of non-sedative antihistamines, long-acting histamine H1 receptor antagonists. It is suitable for acute and chronic allergic rhinitis, urticaria and other skin allergies. It is an antihistamine and is a highly selective and efficient histamine H1 receptor antagonist. Has highly specific to the H1 receptor, but not for 5 - HT, norepinephrine and toadstool alkali choline receptor function, its effect than chlorine thunder he and not that strong. Used for allergic rhinitis, the treatment of urticaria and other allergic diseases.