Where can I get better Clotrimazole

  Where can I get better Clotrimazole? This metal is strange to many people, and here's the introduction to it:
  Clendazole is a broad-spectrum antifungal agent, which has a good antibacterial effect on a variety of fungi, especially the candida albicans. Its mechanism is to inhibit the synthesis of fungal cell membranes and their metabolic processes. Antibacterial action of superficial fungi and some deep fungi. It is mainly used for external use and treatment for skin mycosis, such as tinea, tinea, ear canal, and vaginal mycosis. This product is very toxic, oral can have gastrointestinal reaction, abnormal liver function and leukocyte reduction. It's not used now. External use no adverse reaction, occasional local inflammation. The external use is 1% ~ 3% cream, suppository.