Why are 2-Aminothiazole I Interferon ELISA kits so outrageously expensive

How many 2-Aminothiazole do you need to run? If it just a handful, the cost (in terms of reagents and time) of developing and 2-Aminothiazole your own may be more than it really worth you have to factor development costs in, not just the cost per reagent of the final product.

If this is going to be an 2-Aminothiazole for a big project that will be run often for years, go ahead and work on developing your own. I personally enjoy ELISA development, but I may also be nuttier than last year fruitcake. Your situation is how I ended up interested in assay development in the first place a PI in college needed someone to make an ELISA for regenerating islet protein 1 alpha, so I made one. Your mileage may vary. do you know of any online repositories of homemade ELISAs that I could check (or could you add a pair of eyes/hands and help me look for one?) I thought of doing individual strips but that really puzzles me, how can you possibly fit a standard curve plus however many samples you would need on a couple of strips? The standard curve would take up 16 wells alone, 12 at worst, and that would have to be run every time!

I have no idea whether this would be a long term thing because we just dipping a 2-Aminothiazole into this and applying for an R21 grant to see if it could go somewhere. I like to just do a pilot experiment so that we can include it as preliminary results in the grant application, but it just seems costprohibitive at this point. For any given experiment, to get meaningful/presentable results, I would need to run 2436 wells of samples, plus the standard curve. That means using up half a plate per experiment, and would make it far and away the most expensive experiment I ever done in any lab, including when I worked in pharma and people didn give two shits about what anything cost!You wouldn use just a couple strips the reverse, really, you use more like 9 or 10 per plate but the 23 you don use add up over time to be a whole extra plate over every 46 plates. Do not do a curve with only 6 cals. Just don it makes you feel any better about cost, the last time I used the PBL kits we used well over 120 of them. It really hurt when a few expired before we could use them. I have no idea about a 2-Aminothiazole repository for ELISA design. I usually just design my own because I picky, and I don necessarily trust the way other people validate stuff unless I see the 2-Aminothiazole tables/report.