About Us

Bolise Co.,Ltd. is a part of Asia Bio-Pharmaceutical Research Institute.

Bolise Co.,Ltd. is an Australian company, has been in business for over 20 years. Our businesses are global supply of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and health ingredients, provides customized products/OEM/ODM services to pharmaceutical / cosmetics companies through all the stages of development and commercial manufacture.

Our advantages:

1. Source of Materials  Our China branch is one of the representatives of The Herbal Materials Association of China, ensuring the best quality of raw materials.

2. Technical Support We cooperate with Sydney University, Melbourne University, the Biology Research Institutes of the Science Academy of China, Beijing University to ensure the quality and advanced technologies.

3. Quality Control   All active ingredients must be inspected strictly by HPLC, GC or UV,ensuring good purity. 


Production Flow



Quality Certification

Quality Certification