The Introduction of Calcium elenolate

Calcium elenolate, antiviral drug reverse transcriptases restrain restrain the chicken embryos fibroblast cells to grow, and Echerichia escherichia coli bacillus subtilis. The in vitro can inhibit the e. coli DNA Acid (DNA) polymerase II and DNA polymerases Ⅲ all the enzymes, and a few of the relevant enzymes. Usually the DNA polymerases test components, and the fine amine outside, have observed that the inhibition effect. Restrain DNA polymerase II because the drug is the emergence of the direct and irreversible to the influence of the enzyme. However, in the e. coli DNA synthetic no more easily than drugs is the improvement of the quality of cells. These results show that elenolate calcium is a fairly low specificity inhibitors. Calcium elenolate, this is a single isolated olive oil factory of ethynylation of water extraction content (leia Europa) after the mild acidic hydrolysis, has been shown to in vitro kill virus a RNA and DNA number of acid (DNA) virus (15). It also reduces the virus infection from the output of hamsters 3 vice flu viruses, and has the lowest toxicity to animals. Inhibition of RNA rely on elenolate calcium. DNA polymerases (reverse transcriptases), sending up and the virus’s leukemia, restrain 50% happen in elenolate calcium The concentration of 20 micrograms/ml (75 g). “Drug won’t appear and nucleoside reaction or and DNA or RNA. It is suggested that the drug behavior directly to reverse transcriptases. The drugs can hatch inactivated before 2 meters equivalent glycine, amino acid lysine, homocysteine, or with the other, but can’t l-histidine amino sour. Inactivated the existence of free amino acids to group. However, not inhibit drug of e. coli, RNA polymerase drug concentration of DNA polymerases I high, for 200 micrograms/ml. Recent structure elenolic acid and total synthesis of DL-methyl elenolate has been reported. Calcium elenolate also influence rates in chicken embryos fibroblast growth culture depends on the influence degree of the drug concentration and experiment condition. Our study results show that must be careful to exercise of antiviral effect. Calcium elenolate check, because not only is a may be the enzyme inhibition of the quantity, but also organization culture cell itself may be affected drugs, according to its concentration and experiment of the agreement. Calcium elenolate seems to be a drug specificity is quite low. Because it obviously only with some of the reaction of amino acids amino acid group acid, it seems reasonable to speculate that the reaction of many drugs to inhibit enzymes E-amino acid and exposure lysine residue and exposed group N-end of the group of amino acid peptide chains. Changes in the enzyme (cell) the susceptibility of residual exposed and reflect drugs and their modification effect of the enzyme activity. This model is consistent observation, bovine serum albumin is necessary bovine serum albumin drugs than at least 2 to Moore 1 to 2 prevent inhibit the nucleic acid micrograms per milliliter of coccus of calcium elenolate (data not shown). So there’s drug reaction and the bovine serum albumin, instead only in every few resultsbut published residual protein molecules. Read more: Buy A Calcium elenolate